Company Overview

Obaido Electric Supplies, established in 1982, has earned its reputation as a major supplier in the Jordanian market by defining the market needs & having a commitment in providing wide range of products & professional sales services.

Over 4 Decades of Innovation Obaido has been one of the leaders in electric supplies. Over four decades we have built a unique combination of specialized technical expertise, market awareness, prompt response and efficient services, this allows us to meet our clients requirements and provide them with professional sales & technical support services. Starting from a small private company, turning up to be one of Jordan’s leading providers of electric supplies, we earned our distinguished name in electric supplies market for more than 40 years.

Up to 60 Qualified Employees Our team was selected from a variety of backgrounds to promote a creative environment & create a well-qualified team combining technical expertise & latest technology to provide best services for our clients, we have reached up to 60 employees divided into sales team, technical support team & logistics team.

Head Quarter is located in North Marka, Amman with around 4,000 mtrs warehouse & 1,500 mtrs land space, containing all fast moving items, featured showroom & an advanced training center, this facility is supported by 6,000mtrs warehouse for logistic services. Choosing our services will not be the last good decision you make!